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"Music Elevated"

Tiffany Sedgley - Flute, Nicole Marriott - Oboe, Myroslava Hagen - Clarinet,
Robert Bedont - Bassoon, Anita Miller - Horn

The members of SaltAir Winds have performed all across the country
and all over the world, but choose to call Salt Lake City their home.
 Collectively, the members of SAW are respected musicians who have played with
Salt Lake City’s top ensembles including the Utah Symphony, Orchestra at Temple Square,
and Utah Chamber Artists. Their outstanding abilities make them sought after musicians
at the cities top recording studios. Now they have pooled their talents to create what is
sure to be one of the best chamber ensembles in the Salt Lake City area.

Whether in a large hall or in a more intimate setting, such as a large home,
SaltAir Winds provides the perfect accompaniment to any occasion ~
from music for your wedding/corporate event to full recital.

SaltAir Winds is also passionate about arts education.
Educational outreach programs, coachings, and private lessons are available.

To invite SaltAir Winds to perform at your next event, please contact
 Robert Bedont (520) 820-2705 or Myroslava Hagen (763) 227-0816 for more information.

Come experience the group that is as refreshing, vibrant, and uniquely Utah as its name -
 SaltAir Winds.

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